Local Authority Leasehold Portfolio

Avid have extensive experience in the provision of tailored insurance solutions for Leasehold portfolios where insurance responsibility rests a Local Authority as freeholder of flats Presently insuring a diverse mix of flats across the country ranging from central London boroughs, large municipalities to smaller regional councils.  

Policy wordings in place are designed to cover the needs of Local Authorities and  individual leaseholders who required the cover and we have the flexibility to adjust this to recognise any specific cover requirements that may exist and can also accommodate branded documentation.

Our underwriting and analytical team have in excess of 50 years’ experience of assessing, responding to and delivering customer’s needs in relation to insurance based solutions and individual underwriters have been actively involved in insuring Local Authority Leasehold portfolios for the last 15 years so have a detailed understanding in this area

Service delivery is supported by a highly skilled and professional claims management company, appointed by our chosen insurer partner, ensuring claims are handled quickly and efficiently for an excellent customer experience. The claims team only handle claims from Registered Providers or Local Authorities and are familiar and are fully aware as to the types of risk that can be faced and how based to deal with these should a loss occur.

All Markets who Avid work with have a minimum standard and Poor rating of A-
For more information – contact Lee Longley –  lee@avidinsurance.co.uk

Contact Lee Longley (lee@avidinsurance.co.uk) or one of the team for more information & receive a bespoke proposition based around your and your customer’s individual priorities and needs.

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