Avid Insurance recognise that your clients ultimately judge our products and service on how we deal with their claims.

Avid Insurance has developed strong relationships with our insurers and their claims teams and appointed adjustors.

Our providers are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service whilst recognising their responsibility to control costs effectively.

All our travel insurance products are supported by 24 hour emergency medical assistance providers and experienced travel claims specialists both abroad and within the UK.

Avid Insurance is able to provide our partners with detailed claims information allowing a proactive approach to scheme management.  For example, on our commercial products, we are able to provide you and your customers with on line ‘real time’ claims management information on our Commercial Products with detailed analytics of causation linked to a Risk Management plan.

Please Note:

If you own a leasehold flat and, where the insurance is placed on your behalf by a Local Authority, if you need to make an insurance claim please contact Questgates Limited on: 

Tel: 01204 860427